HIVE Blockchain

Why Hive blockchain?

Hive aims to connect people around the world to Web3 through a fast, scalable, and easily accessible blockchain protocol.

Hive is blockchain.

Why is Hive powered by Web3?

Hive enables the development and integration of applications or networks with shared interests. Users, developers, companies, and creators can establish their own benefits.

Hive is ‘Web3’ because the economics of the platform are shared among the entire community and decisions are made by the community using the DPOS protocol, rather than by centralized corporate committees.

Hive’s closest relationship to web3 is data protection, as it is a decentralized and immutable blockchain. Users are in control of their data.

The problem

The main problems of Web2

Currently on the Internet, users do not have control over the data that they share. Censorship in traditional social networks is increasing every day and business models for content creators and applications are limited. Everything is controlled by large corporations, preventing the development of secondary and freer markets.

The solution

The Hive blockchain is a great alternative

Hive has an ecosystem of uncensored social networks, communities,  and token-based economies built for Web3. It also has a fast economical and scalable protocol for the creation of decentralized applications such as games and NFT marketplaces among others. The blockchain utilizes HIVE and HBD cryptocurrencies with low commissions and diverse utilities.

Hive makes it simple

Hive has an ecosystem that allows people to be part of the Web3, easily and quickly making use of cryptocurrencies with a variety of different applications.

Fees are not a problem

On the Hive blockchain you can make fast transfers at no cost by having a small amount of tokens ‘in Stake’ which thereby encourages the transfer of value between users of the blockchain.


A verifiable transaction within Hive is executed in less than 3 seconds.


Applications are part of Hive

On the Hive blockchain there is an ecosystem of applications of various types, with uncensored social media and accessible NFT-based games being in abundance.

A public blockchain

The Hive blockchain is led by thousands of people who make community and leverage Hive’s open source code to build Web3 applications and projects.

What is the Hive blockchain?

Hive is a forward-thinking, innovative, decentralized blockchain and ecosystem designed to scale with the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and Web3 platforms in mind. Combining fast processing times and commission-free transactions, Hive is positioned to become one of the leading Web3 blockchain used by people around the world.

What people say about Hive

These are some mentions related to the Hive blockchain

Hive is a great alternative to enter the world of cryptocurrencies

Hive is perfectly suited to an innovative and visionary audience that wants to build their own future through decentralized cryptocurrencies. 

Social Media on HIVE

One of the unique features of the Hive blockchain are the social media platforms that are an important part of the ecosystem.


The main HIVE social media sites are, ecency and for blogging and 3speak for video sharing.

Tokenized communities

Another feature that makes the Hive blockchain unique is tokenized communities; any user can create and actually own a community.

Community owners can create a model that rewards users who provide value.


These communities can have their own social network interface and create their own business models.

Average daily transactions on Hive

Every 3 seconds a block is validated on Hive

Hive's growth is continuous

The best tools are available for developers and projects that want to be part of Hive and feel the energy of a great community.


It is the best time to get started on Hive, because the market for blockchain social media is currently very small and these platforms promise high adoption because of the solutions they provide.

The Hive currency is available on the main exchanges

One of the main currencies of the Hive blockchain is HIVE and it can be traded on the most important exchanges in the world.

More about Hive blockchain


The Hive blockchain provides industry-leading transaction speeds, with 3-second delay block validation providing the ability to support applications that need fast, resource-efficient transactions to achieve greater digital user adoption.


One of the main focuses of the development of the Hive blockchain is to create a robust ecosystem for large-scale incorporation of users at low cost.  That is why Hive creates several protocols for developers and end users to have a pleasant experience when interacting with the blockchain, regardless of the number of users. Hive is preparing for mass adoption of Web3.


Hive is backed by a strong community committed to building and innovating on the platform. It is the community that carries out all maintenance and development work on the blockchain in a decentralized manner.


The Hive community is one of the largest communities in the crypto world.


The Hive blockchain is an open source platform that allows system administrators to create, deploy and run blockchain-based applications. Hive’s development environment is easy to adopt.


Developers can choose to implement new public and private networks, with Hive’s open source code.

Are you ready to get started at Hive?

Creating an account on Hive is necessary to start using the ecosystem’s applications, a tip: your username is your wallet address.

Do you need more information?

For content creators

New generation of social media

Hive through tokenized social networks, allows content creators to have the ability to receive rewards on their content through Hive cryptocurrencies and grow their communities.

For creatives (Art and NFT)

Sell your art

Within the Hive ecosystem there are applications where you can sell, buy and collect art or NFT tokens, what differentiates it from other blockchain are the low commissions and high speed to exchange these digital assets.

For Gamers

Connect with Hive through NFTs games

Games in the blockchain world have been able to create huge adoption and on Hive there are games like Splinterlands that are the most played games today. You can start generating new experiences with cryptocurrencies by playing on Hive.

For developers

Develop an application

Hive is based on Graphene ™, a blockchain technology stack (i.e. software) that enables fast transactions and a scalable blockchain solution. Start building blockchain-based applications using Hive’s infrastructure and community as your initial users.

For investors

Invest in the Web3

The Hive ecosystem has diverse opportunities for investors who are curious to get involved with the next generation of social networking, NFT, DeFi, gaming and all things Web3. Investors will be able to help build a better future for the internet and positively impact society. 

How does Hive blockchain work?


The Hive blockchain has a DPOS system:  Delegated Proof of Stake. By staking Hive tokens, you can vote with them on governance-related issues, one can choose block producers.


Hive has an internal economy with 2 cryptocurrencies; Hive which is a governance currency and the HBD which is a stable coin type with reference in 1 USD, both can be transferred without commissions.


A Hive user through his account can have access to the entire ecosystem of applications that are connected to the blockchain. One just needs to add their account to an official wallet and then log in to the application of their choice. 

Proof of Brain

“Proof of Brain” is a protocol that is behind the rewards of the publications of Hive’s social networks, where the authors of content receive rewards and the users who upvote those publications receive a part of that reward. A way to create cryptocurrencies with our creativity.

A financing fund within Hive (DHF)

The Decentralized Hive Fund is an autonomous decentralized blockchain system that allows users to submit proposals for funding and vote on which proposals should be funded.

Be part of the Web3 through the Hive blockchain

Start now!

Some tips that will make your way to Hive easier. 

Create your account at: and choose the method of your preference.

Secure your private keys in a safe place.

We recommend you to download the Keychain wallet to be able to access the applications easily.

Enter the applications of your choice and interact with the community, we recommend starting with or


For the people, by the people.

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